Anchor’s Manifesto.

By: Rom Lakritz

As a company, our purpose is to make business owners thrive! We built Anchor’s Autonomous Billing and Collections solution to dramatically improve service providers’ bottom line. We do that by completely automating the entire billing and payments cycle, starting with the vendor and client agreement, and managing the invoicing, payment, and reconciliation steps. That means no more late payments or revenue leakage.

By removing any possibility of human error, we remove the need for a vendor to manually bill and collect payments on one hand, and for the payer to check the transaction for risks like fraud, mistakes, or double payments, on the other hand. We eliminate late payments by providing a verified channel for businesses to automatically release payments, according to their contracts, on the billing due date.

We built our solution around the needs of vendors and their clients. By making business processes flow for every service provider, we get companies paid on time, every time, effortlessly. We’re liberating service providers from the administrative burden of billing, by making business processes flow, and removing the need for awkward conversations around payments. This makes vendor-client relationships frictionless.

By building Anchor, we strive every day to bring about a better business world. A world where B2B transactions work like they are supposed to, where services are provided and billed as agreed, where payments come through accurately and on time, and where the people behind it all are happy — and thriving in their work.

We’re setting a new standard of autonomous revenue delivery to end late payments for good, giving people their time and energy back. We want to give every business the foundations to do business and to ensure predictable revenue for them. So that people have more time to work on what matters, build thriving companies, and love their work again. That’s why we’re here, we’re building the future of B2B payments, and we hope you will join us.




Rom Lakritz, Co-Founder & CEO

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Rom Lakritz, Co-Founder & CEO

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